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Academy Band & Offset has been established since 1994; provides uninterrupted service as a reliable solution partner in the sector for all printing needs from a to z, mainly for offset printing, cardboard stand and parcel coating tapes.

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Akademi Bant & Ofset is with you with its rational solutions in every need with its machine park equipped with the latest technology and professional service understanding!


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Wondering about Offset Printing?

Offset, one of the color printing types, is known as the most useful printing model since it can print more than one at the same time. The print drawn on a flat limestone with an oil-based ink is then printed using a special solution to remove the printed image.

It is known that offset printing is preferred more because of its low cost. Both quality printing and paying a small amount provide advantages for many products. For this reason, offset printing is especially profitable for products that will make thousands of prints.

Offset printing can be done on fabricated and hand-made molds. While hand-made molds are cheaper but simpler, fabricated molds can produce higher quality but costly prints. The use of the latest technology helps offset printing become more common day by day.

Different color printing cylinders in the offset printing make the product desired to be printed to be multicolored. Therefore, when offset printing is desired, yellow, red, blue and black centered prints can be created. While printing, application is made from the computer to the paper. Therefore, any image prepared in computer environment can be printed directly. Thanks to the technique used, molds can be prepared as desired with very little error in a short time.

The most common use of offset printing is book covers. Cover models prepared in computer environment can be easily reflected on the covers of the books. In addition, offset printing, which is also used in newspapers and magazines, can also be preferred in business cards, brochures, advertisements, cardboard packaging and invoices. It is noteworthy that the printing area, which has a widespread usage area, is also used in films that are covered with store glasses.

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