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All kinds of promotions, catalogs, brochures, cards, posters, foot boards, desktop boards, corporate documents, organizers, books, CD envelopes, files, notepads, folders, etc.

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Printing Press Solutions

Prepress Preparation

According to the printing technology of the printing house, manual or digital assembly is performed. Two methods are then used to prepare the mold. In manual method, molds are prepared directly by using assemblies made after film outputs or from digitally prepared assemblies. Printing is started after the preparation of the printing patterns.

Prepress Preparation Track

HP DesignJet Q6677D Digital Plotter Printing Machine

Epson Spectro Proofer Digital Chromolin Printing Machine

Epson Stylus Pro9700 Proofing Machine

Applications 850X Basys Print UV Setter CTP

Printing Press Solutions


After the printing patterns are prepared, it comes to the printing process. Printing methods used in printing are generally offset, letterpress, flexo, rotogravure and screen printing. Recently, digital printing method has been added to these printing systems. In the printing process, prints are made on paper, cardboard or film materials, which are called under-print materials, in accordance with the characteristics of the product to be produced.

Print Track

Lithrone 40
70x100cm 5 Colors UV Printed

Lithrone 28
50x70cm 4 Colors

Printing Press Solutions

After Printing

No matter which printing method the products are printed, all the prints are subjected to post-printing processes according to the characteristics of the product. For example, the inside and covers of the books are printed, and after binding, they become books. These processes are crushed folding, blending and capping. Cardboard box can become usable after shaped cutting, sorting and gluing after a cardboard packaging printing.

Postpress Track

- JMD Stitrim 380
- Saddle Stitching Machine
- Hot Cellophane Machine

Laser Focused
Digital Trimmer

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